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When we wake up the jeep of the locals is already in the middle of the camp. Some of the others tell us that the official guides
charge 20 dollars and that the road the the crater is not suitable for normal cars. Being a bit scared of the local guys waiting for us we decided to take the opportunity to leave the place with the others before getting into troubles. So close, but we do not the the crater.
Heading for the border. Only less than 300km away, a whole day, no problem. OK, a bit of a problems. The road starts to get worse,
worse than Georgia, and later it gets really bad. Avarage speed reduced to something between 20-30 km/h.
At the end of the day we arrive at the border, which was closed 10 minutes before for the night. The dutch team Golden Panda, which passed us a
couple of kilometers before had the same problem. We make the best of it, go back to town to get some beers and
spent a decent evening in our private refugee border camp. Asking about the opening time next morning leads to various results. Everything between 6 and 10 is now possible.

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